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What is Homie?

Homie is an app created for users to be able to find a roommate in a new city. Homie is based on discursive and conflict resolution psychology on how to find what you are looking for in a roommate. The app asks questions that assist in deeply understanding what it is you are looking for in a roommate. Then matches people from there and allows them to talk through the app.


The Problem

Finding a roommate in a new city where you do not know anybody can be difficult and cause reservations in some people for fear of living with someone random. Homie was created to give people an app to find someone that matches their lifestyle and get to know them before ever signing a lease or even looking at apartments. However, the biggest problem faced was what questions needed to be asked and how in-depth to find someone who matches your lifestyle.


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Name: Sarah Ruiz

Age: 22

Sarah has just graduated from college and was offered a job out of state. She doesn’t know anyone there, but is determined to go she is now in search of a roommate.


The Research

When I began this project my first step was to research what makes a good roommate, what to look for in a roommate, and questions to ask. After reading and analyzing studies done by Vicky Clark and Keith Tuffin from Massey University and Christine Bagley-Jones the principal psychologist at theĀ Counselling and Wellbeing Centre QLD I came to the conclusion there are five important categories to break questions down into.




User Flow


I used the user flow to map out which questions needed to be grouped together and the best order to ask them in. After surveying a group I found that asking for the map and location in the first questions were best, and to start with the basic info before building up to the questions that can be deal-breakers for roommates.


I user tested the following wireframes on three graduating seniors that are between the ages of 21-24. The most important part about the app was how easy the flow would be between questions and the number of questions asked before they could start seeing matches.




What is home?

The logo for Homie was inspired by having a door that is always open and a place to come back to at the end of the day that is comforting while also bringing together two people to build a friendship.


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