San Antonio Beer Festival


Role | Event Assistant

Deliverables | Media Kit, VIP Badges, Buttons, Drink Cards

       What is San Antonio Beer Festival?

The largest local beer festival in San Antonio, an anticipated 7,500 guests will attend the 15th annual San Antonio Beer Festival, pouring 450+ premium and craft beers from 125+ breweries from around the world. This charitable event benefits the San Antonio Food Bank.

San Antonio Beer Festival offers unique casks, one-of-a-kind collaborations, porters, stouts, pilsners, ales, wheats, Belgians, ciders, and lagers, Plus, live music, games, a wine garden, food trucks, food booths, local vendors, and much more.


Videographer: Ruben Garcia


Event Assistant

As an event assistant, my day to day role constantly changed in this position some days I would be designing signage, marketing materials, tickets, the event itself such as the layout, and creating any other items or experiences that our sponsors had agreed to. On other days I would contact beer, food, and retail vendors to be part of our event and would send out media kits and what being part of this event entails. In the end, I worked with over 150 vendors and ensured that they all received or had the deliverables they had signed off on. On the day of the event, I ran vendor check-in, oversaw the volunteer and promo staff of 75 people, and was in charge of the front of the house meaning any questions or issues that vendors or our guests had were brought to me to find a solution and delegate.


Who will be there?

As an event assistant, my first task was to design a media kit with the deliverables I was able to offer vendors and sponsors that would entice them to be part of this festival. This included presenting the research of who the San Antonio Current’s audience is for print and digital, and how the integrated marketing plan we worked with would be beneficial to a potential sponsor. Our integrated marketing plan means that we work with influencers throughout San Antonio, have news and broadcast options available for those who would like to be featured, and in addition, can offer our promo team as staff for any pre-events they host. The media kit also features all of the other events hosted by our company for many sponsors when they sign a contract it’s for the whole year of events that they would like to participate in.

slide5For the full media kit click here.


Creating Deliverables and Scheduling

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Once a vendor or sponsor had signed a contract and it was submitted to me I updated our social media calendar, updated all websites and signage with their logo and website links.






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In addition I created items specific for sponsors that had requested them or were underwriting a large portion of the event such as HEB and Real Ale brewing sponsoring the VIP badges.




191670 SA Current Beer Festival Tees (1)

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One of the bigger design items I had was to order a 24-foot blimp. I had to first find a vendor that made them. Then work with their team to ensure that our design was printed correctly at that scale and all the colors matched.





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Some sponsors asked for items that were beer-themed or something the guests could use at the event to be made and ordered for the VIP swag bags. Each item I had to find a vendor to make them and from their work within their design guidelines and my budget for each specific item to find the right quality and deliver what the client had asked for.