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What is Butter Blast?

Butter Blast is an online popcorn store that is partnered with Hulu to provide a way for TV and movie lovers to be able to order snacks when they know their favorite movie is coming out or a new season of a show they love. The store is also available to those who do not have Hulu through the website. It’s popcorn that is out of this world.


Logo + Type


iAsset 1

The logo was created by combining the image of popcorn and a rocket blasting off. For popcorn that truly tastes out of this world.



bAsset 4


The typeface was chosen to look similar to the typeface that NASA has used in the past to bring out the childlike joy that comes with space and blasting a rocket off.




In partnership with Hulu, there are ad placements available along the sidebars of the site to have a menu option available for customers to place their orders for their next movie night or have an ad pop up when Hulu announces new season releases. Butter Blast is the only popcorn company to offer this package of Hulu + Snack.



Snacks Have Arrived

There are several plans that include various amounts of bags that can be delivered or the frequency of deliveries. Such as with the family plan you can get several small bags delivered once a week or bi-weekly for those annual family movie nights.

Butter Blast Box


Movie Genre Flavors

These different flavored bags are great for any movie genre. By signing up and pairing with Hulu consumers will be able to connect their favorite flavors to their order and with the system keeping track of what each customer has ordered suggestions can be made or customized boxes depending on which plan the consumer is signed up for.

Mockups for Branding Design

Mockups for Branding Design

Mockups for Branding Design